Validate Facebook fan page box module for Joomla

facebook fan page box joomla module

This module for Joomla 1.5 is special because has validate W3C XHTML code based in CDATA, if you are a strict in the design of your web, but if you have a problem, change the option no validate.

Have the next options of fan page like box:

  • Width
  • Height
  • Show faces
  • Header
  • Stream

You can modify the size for adjust to the module with option "width" and "height" in Color Scheme select light o dark depending of your template, also if you want Show face select ok, other option is show header and streams.

How it works?

Iframe for show like box work ok but when validating get a errors but thank to the CDATA and script solved this problem.

ok like box validate

How it configure?

options of fan page module

  1. Select validate or no
  2. Add your url of fan page for example:
  3. Adjust the size
  4. Select yes or no in the items

Download module